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    The U.S. government has removed most of the children from a remote Border Patrol station in Texas following reports that more than 300 kids were detained there and caring for each other with inadequate food, water and sanitation.


    Protesters fearing an erosion of Hong Kong's legal autonomy blocked access to a government office building for nearly two hours Monday and plan more demonstrations to draw the attention of leaders attending the G20 summit this week.

  3. US Iran Trump

    U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday imposing fresh sanctions on Iran, amid increased tensions between the long-time foes.

  4. Milan-Cortina – 2026 Winter Olympics

    A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: Milan-Cortina awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics amid lacklustre competition, the prevalence of fake news and interference in the federal election.


    Zimbabwe declared its interim currency to be the country's sole legal tender on Monday in a bid to stem black market demand for foreign currencies.