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    Opponents of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro braved tear gas as they rescued boxes of emergency food and medicine from burning trucks during violent clashes on the Colombian border with security forces blocking the entry of U.S.-supplied humanitarian aid.

  2. Vatican Sex Abuse

    A main organizer of the Vatican summit on sex abuse has told CBC News that the Vatican has no idea if the priests accused by the eight people the Vatican selected to provide anonymous video testimony of their sexual abuse by priests are still in active ministry or not.

  3. Warren Buffett

    Billionaire Warren Buffett says the company he built through decades of acquisitions continues to perform well even though he hasn't found any major deals at attractive prices recently.

  4. APTOPIX Venezuela Political Crisis

    Both sides in the confrontation between Venezuela’s socialist government, led by Nicolas Maduro, and the opposition led by Juan Guaido know that today — Saturday, Feb. 23 — could be the one that decides who rules Venezuela.


    Gunfire and explosions marred the opening of voting Nigeria's delayed election on Saturday as President Muhammadu Buhari sought a second term.